Greg Speeter

Greg Speeter founder of the national priorities project dies at 68

Every life is precious. There are some who take that to heart and dedicate their life’s influence beyond the circle of their loved ones to helping all of us. Greg Speeter, who passed away last Thursday at age 68, was one of those people. As the founder of The national Priorities project, a nonprofit research group that compiles the facts of where our government is spending our federal budget, he practiced a form of political activism that goes beyond just helping people, he gave us the knowledge we need to help ourselves. Greg was a  beautiful combination of intelligence and the ability to explain complicated ideas and facts in a way that everybody could understand.
Here is a link to an article about Greg by Barbara Solow in the Daily Hampshire Gazette, Nonprofit innovator Greg Speeter dies at 68, and a link to The National Priorities Project.
I will miss you Greg. We all will.