The Dr. Otek MT6-PRO Pinpointer Review

Dr. Otek MT6-Pro-Pinpointer
Dr. Otek MT6-Pro-Pinpointer

My girlfriend gave me a metal detector for my birthday a few months ago. We live in Northampton, Massachusetts, in an old 1850 carriage house boarding a 20-acre hayfield. I have always been fascinated by the history of our town and of our home.
Northampton was established in 1634. Our house was once a speakeasy where William Powel and Rudolf Valentino once partied after performing in a local theater.
On my first day out detecting in my field, I found a 1787 Connecticut colonial half-cent coin. I was hooked on metal detecting but did not own a pinpointer.
I bought the cheapest pinpointer I could find on Amazon. A GP pro pointer for $17 from China. It was better than nothing, and I thought it worked well until the folks at DR. Otek sent me the new MT6-Pro pinpointer for review.
On my first time out with the MT6, I found the 1940s cap gun pictured above. A cool find, but it was shallow and rang up pretty high on my detector. Any pinpointer could have found it.
What I have discovered since then is that Dr. Otek works incredibly well, signaling the smallest targets in the hole that the GP pinpointer didn’t even know were there.
The MT6 -Pro is entirely waterproof, well-built, and easy to use, with two buttons and three settings: vibration mode, sound mode, and vibration sound. I always use the latter.
The top button activates the Interference Cancelation and balances the pinpointer to the surroundings with one click.
The pinpointer is so sensitive I have to move my detector and shovel away from the hole, or it will pick them up.
All in all, for about a third of the cost of a top-tier pin-pointer ( $49.99), the MT6-Pro holds its own.

Here is a link to Amazon to get your own.

Happy hunting!