DR. ÖTEK Metal Detector Digging Tools

I’ve learned a few things about digging holes recently. It’s December 2023 in Massachusetts. The weather is changing fast, and the ground is starting to freeze. The last days to detect for the season are now. 

Four tools are essential to a comfortable detecting experience: A metal detector, a pinpointer, a shovel, and a spade. If one of these elements goes down, It is kind of like being at a dance competition and losing a shoe. 

Last week, my first good metal-detecting shovel, the Home Depot root assassin I had come to love, split in half when the ground became heavy with rain and a little ice.

So I contacted Dr Otek, who graciously sent me the DR.ÖTEK Metal Detector Digger Tool and the DR.ÖTEK Metal Detector T-Shovel for review. 

This combo has wholly changed my metal-detecting game. Let me tell you why.




Powder-Coated Carbon Steel; Steel



Item Dimensions LxWxH

45.6 x 7.5 x 1.18 inches

Item Weight

4.5 Pounds

Handle Material


Is Foldable


Grip Type


This shovel is built like a tank. It comes with two handle length options. 45.6 and 31.7 inches. I use the shorter length which is perfect for my height. 

The sharp, serrated shovel head is the perfect width to dig the perfect hole. I can often get away with only three cuts to lift the plug if I am in a field where cosmetics don’t matter or four cuts to dig a very clean plug that will pop right back in the hole if digging in a manicured lawn. If you do it exactly, it’s hard to tell. 

It cuts through roots easily and is robust enough to pry heavy rocks. I have been trying to break this thing and failed miserably. 

DR.ÖTEK Metal Detector Digger Tool

  • Double Serrated Edge
  • Comfortable ergonomic design: soft rubber handle. 
  • Quality Material: Extremely sturdy alloy steel with heat treatment. 
  • Size: 13.4’’×3.5’’×5’’ Weight:1.32(lbs)

Like the T shovel, this digger tool is robust. It is long enough that if you dig a deep hole, you can get to the bottom to make your find, yet the sharp point allows you to search the side wall delicately.

I also find that where I always start digging with a shovel, I can now use the digger tool for shallow targets. 

All in all, I love both of these tools. I do not think you can find a better product on the market for the price.

Way to go, Dr Oteck!