Welcome to the jungle: Greetings from Costa Rica

andy austin at the rios tropicales lodge canopy zip line costa ricaTake 270 lbs of adventure photographer and Montana state football player Andy Austin, add 30 lbs of camera equipment and sweat, fly them through the jungle 50 feet in the air and you have a serious test of the jungle canopy zip line at the Rios Tropicales Lodge. This is a special place. We white river rafted in the day before and spent two nights in the cacophony that is the jungle.. Sustainably built and operated “Rios Tropicales Lodge is located on our 2000 acre private reserve at the mouth of the Pacuare Gorge, inside the Pacuare Protected Zone. Private reserve borders the indigenous Cabecar Indian Reserve and contains more than 40 miles of hiking trails and numerous waterfalls, streams, and pools. There are two ways to access the lodge, via rafting in on the Pacuare River, or hiking in along a trail. The various accommodations are set on the mountainside at varying slope heights, affording fantastic views of the river and the dense rainforest surroundings.” Check out this link to Rios Tropicales. For more info on travel to Costa Rica go to : Visit Costa Rica .  If you are interested in adventure travel all over Costa Rica around the world, check out Austin-Lehman Adventures.These folks do travel right