The Malarians at the Sierra Grill

The Malarians at the sierra grill dancing man Malarians showThe Bay State Hotel in Northampton Mass. was one of the great music clubs on the planet. During the mid 90’s bands from around the world played there. There was no faking it, the audience was inches from your face and they demanded honesty. For some time Mal Thursday handled the bookings and his own band ” The Malarians” played there often. The Bay state is now called the Sierra Grill and aside from having great food the new owner O’Brien has resurrected the music scene. Last week the Malarians played there for what may be their one and only reunion and they seriously rocked the room.There were ghosts in the club of the people that gave it character and have passed on to that big bar in the sky. Ron, the man who owned the Bay state during its heyday appeared at the end of the bar nursing his Budwiser: Woody the blind poet  showed up; Harry the chef was seen in the bathroom  making the “special sauce” and I swore I saw Larry the  Queen waiter who once had a legendary fist fight with Mal in the crowd. I think Larry won that one but later on his boy friend murdered him and buried him in his basement . It was a great night. Here is a link to the Malarians Myspace page