Fishing Rhode Island

fishing for stripers Rhode Island Max HartshorneIt was raining on the docks of  Rhode Island as I waited to go aboard the charter boat the Snappa for a day of deep sea fishing. Ryan the mate  washed down the decks and prepped the boat. Charlie Donilan the skipper was skeptical if the other members of the trip would show up.”it’s just a little drizzle he said, the fishing’s better in this weather.” The rest of our group arrived and we cast off into a grey sea. 45 minutes later we approached block island as Ryan rigged up the rods with a wide array of Christmas tree lures with four hooks per rod. Almost immediately we heard what would be the mantra of the day,”fish on!!” as one of us grabbed the rod and began reeling it in. We caught so many fish we started throwing them back. We got a lot of blue fish but we also caught some huge stripers and that started a contest of who could catch the biggest one. The real skill behind our success was the crew  who have been fishing these grounds for many years. Max and I walked away with more than 20 lbs of fillets . most of it we put on ice t give to friends back home but that night we grilled up a 5 star meal meal with our new friend Loretta the care taker of the Surfside Motel in Charleston . Rhode Island may be the smallest state in the nation, a mere 37 by 48 miles but it has an astounding 400 miles of coastline and a whole lot of fish.