Tapas Zaragoza Spain

My last night in Zaragoza was spent touring the bars and cafes in the old section of town to sample the offerings during the 13 concurso de tapas, a tapas competition. For 7.5 Euros you got three tapas, three drinks and the opportunity to vote for your favorites. Over 100 establishments put out their best. The Spanish have a tradition called the Tapeo. we call it bar hopping but they do it with class. The bars are packed. You squeeze your way in, say hello to everyone, have a tapa or two, a glass of the house wine or a short beer and then move on to the next place. Each one has their own specialty. Above left to right are Piquillo peppers with onion and Chorizo; Foie Gras with Asparagus and a Balsamic reduction; Blood Sausage, and cod and cream sauce; and Piguillo peppers stuffed with Tuna. Check out this Link to find out more about Zaragoza