Shepherd Zaragoza Spain

I just got back from Zaragoza, the capital of the autonomous region of Aragon Spain. The taste of good wine,olive oil,and roasted lamb just wont quit. The city is busily getting ready for the upcoming water and sustainable development: Expo Zaragoza. They are expecting over 7 million people to attend from June 14th to September 14th 2008. From what I saw of the construction this is going to be an impressive event, but hardly the only reason to visit this part of Spain The city is cosmopolitan , comfortable, full of history and amazing array of great restaurants, these people are serious about their food. The country side is dotted with wind farms and ancient villages. They produce vegetables and excellent wine pork and sheep. It was also the home of Goya. There is allot to see here. I took this shot of a Shepherd escorting his flock home in the town of Muel.