Victorinox Swiss Army, Swiss Tool Spirit Review

victorinox swiss army, swiss tool spirit


As a traveler and a photographer I work in environments from jungle rivers to editorial and commercial photo shoots. Where ever I go, I always have a multi tool in my kit. It is as necessary to me as my passport. My newest addition is the Swiss Tool Spirit from Victorinox Although the Swiss Tool is relatively lightweight at 5 ¾ oz, this is no toy, it is built like a shiny little tank. Each of the tools are easy to access and lock securely in place. They will not buckle, break, or close on your hand when you put some torque on them.The needle nose pliers/wire cutter folds out fluidly, the handles provide a strong and secure grip. Made of stainless steel, the cover surface is polished beautifully. The combi-edge blade, saw, and file are all incredibly sharp and functional


An amazing thing happened when I photographed the Swiss Tool. I got out my hot glue gun to stand it up vertically as I do for many small products, placed it on the light table first for positioning, and to my amazement, it balanced perfectly on the tips of its pliers all on its own. This level of hand craftsmanship and attention to detail is present in every aspect of this impressive multi tool.

For more info on the Swiss Tool go to Victorinox  $119.50

  1. screwdriver 2mm
  2. nylon pouch
  3. hard wire cutter
  4. wire stripper
  5. metal saw
  6. crate opener
  7. metal file
  8. screwdriver
  9. can opener
  10. wire cutter for thin and soft wire up to 40 HRc
  11. lock release
  12. scissors
  13. wire bender
  14. wood saw
  15. individual springs
  16. screwdriver 3mm
  17. practical Spirit combi edge blade
  18. wire scraper
  19. coupling for corkscrew
  20. reamer
  21. multi purpose hook
  22. needlenose pliers
  23. cap lifter
  24. screwdriver 6 mm