Hu Ke Lau-Preview Mass.

hu ke lau dancer

I love the Hu Ke Lau restaurant in Chicopee Mass. Hula dancers, comedians, and huge scorpion bowl drinks filled with a quart mix of every booze known to human kind. The food is great. I spent  some time in the  gigantic kitchens, busy places pumping out modern Asian cuisine, along with my old time favorite American Chinese dishes like their famous Pu Pu platters and fried rice. There is also a sushi bar and a create your own stir fry station. The truth be told, they are having a better time down in Chicopee than we are in Northampton. We have some great restaurants with fabulous farm to table food, and some mighty fine music, but for atmosphere and sheer fun, when the whole crowd took to the stage after the Hawaiian show and started dancing, it beat any night out , any where. So, please don’t pass the Grey Poupon” pass me over one of those chicken fingers, that glass with the blinking ice cubes and ask that hula dancer if I can by her a drink!

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