Is Rachel Maddow a secret Muslim?

This is a tricky one. I mean just look at the way she naturally wrapped her head in an American flag during a studio photo session I had with her her. Very suspicious. Did you see the interview she did with Obama?, they seemed very cozy together. Many Texans think that he is a Muslim. so…………..well, it makes you wonder….. just how deep does this conspiracy to ruin our country with hope, freedom and intelligence really go!. I have posted this image from the series of photos I made of her after Max at Gonomad made me aware that the blog Gawker was using one of my shots of her on line. I had made the mistake early on in my Blogging to post it without proper protection and people have been ripping that picture off all over the planet often without a link back or credit to yours truly. They call it theft in the real world. Although Gawker had tried to do the right thing and link back to me it was not functional. So I wrote Hamilton Nolan the media columnist for Gawker and bingo, what a gentleman, he got back to me within 5 minutes and corrected the situation. One good turn deserves another so here is a link to Gawker and his story on Rachel Maddows internet hustel