Copenhagen street life and the best hotdog in the world

Copenhagen street life is vibrant. Outdoor cafes and bars, music and dance performers and an incredibly diverse flow of people from all over the world. They love their beer in Denmark and in my humble opinion have developed the best hot dog in the world to accompany it. For 20 Krone, (4$usd) they are long of, the highest quality and snap when you bite into them. The bun is soft on the inside like a Fenway frank, but a little more crusty. Topped with Ketchup, dark mustard, and pickles, the secret ingredient is roasted, crunchy onion bits that I thought were bacon bits at first. Really, really good. Many people get them with the bun on the side, or just eat the dog alone. It is not uncommon to see a dignified grandmother eagerly chowing down an extra large one.