Absolut Ice Bar Copenhagen

absolute ice bar copenhagen woman in ice bottle
absolute ice bar drinking copenhagen

I just got back from Copenhagen yesterday, and I am already Itching to go back. It was a great trip to country that really has its act together. I’ll be posting images for the next week from the places we visited in Denmark and in Sweden. This is our crew whooping it up at the ICEBAR in the super hip new Hotel 27. After donning insulated ponchos, you enter the made of ice room to drink nearly frozen vodka from perfectly clear ice glasses. Denmark was unusually warm for this time of year and it was a relief to cool down. Starting from the left is: Jenny Bloc from Stone magazine, Max Hartshorne from Gonomad.com, Our amazing and wonderful guide Heather Nissen from Visit Denmark , and my old friend Jesper Kunuk from Air Greenland. Inside the bar is a giant Bottle of Absolut Vodka made of ice, and inside that is Lisa Oyama from Odyssey Couler magazine.