Casa Silva Chile. Miners earthquakes and amazing wine.

casa silva chile wine photoChile,10/20/10. It is a fantastic time to be in Chile, the entire country is glowing with a sense of national pride after the amazing rescue of the miners and along with surviving a major earthquake it has given Chileans a sense of rebirth. You can feel it everywhere and every one I talk to here speaks of it. I am here on a wine tour, tough work but somebody has to do it. Chile is blessed with perfect conditions for growing grapes, and produces some of the finest wines in the world  Yesterday I had the pleasure of visiting  Casa Silva, about one and a half hours south of the capital Santiago. Thomas Wilkins and owner Mario Silva were gracious enough to give us the royal tour complete with a rodeo and a lunch featuring their fabulous wines. This is a classic Chilean vineyard, many of the vines planted here are over 90 years old. They have facilities for weddings, a small boutique hotel, bike tours, horse back riding, amazing  food and of course the ability to immerse your self all aspects of wine culture. Here is a link to Casa Silva to find out more.