Canvassing in New Hampshire for Barack Obama

Last weekend I photographed U.S. Congressman Richard Neal and other volunteers out on the road canvassing for Barack Obama. You can join hundreds of other concerned citizens from Western Massachusetts who have been migrating to New Hampshire on the weekends to help with the campaign. There are car pools leaving Saturday and Sunday mornings, the drive to Keene will only take an hour. As Elisabeth silver form the Obama office here in Northampton said. ” people should not become complacent, Bush took New Hampshire by only 1% against Gore and Kerry took it back by the same amount 4 years ago, the Canvassers make the difference”. The Scene at the Obama headquarters on 300 park ave in Keene is exhilarating. A steady flow of people from all over the state arrive, many with offerings of home made food to feed the troops. First you go through a quick training session on talking points and then armed with literature, break down into small groups to head out to walk door to door. Don’t worry if you are not an expert on the facts and figures, the folks I went out with with talked about what personally impelled them to become involved and were very effective and well received. People in New Hampshire are used to this and for the most part are polite and willing to talk even if they do not agree with you. This is Grass roots democracy in action and in my humble opinion is what will win this election. The phone number at the Obama office is (413)-584-1478, email,