No Smoking Butt head

anti smoking no smoking sculpture of a head made from cigarette buttsButt head is my anti smoking self portrait of when I was a smoker. I just did a new studio shot of him to submit to a contest. His creation was an act of love and desperation. I gave plastic buckets to some of my favorite bars and had them collect cigarette butts for a week. Late at night I carefully glued them in place. If I could not find the right fit, I smoked them down to the perfect size. He sits on a shelf in my studio, stinking, casting a disapproving glance every time I think of breaking down and having another cigarette. Occasionally, I fear I will lose my free will and smoke him. But After the past month of hospitals I can honestly say I will never smoke again in my life. I feel so lucky that I never had a problem due to smoking. They checked out every inch of me while I was in there and I passed with flying colors, but I met a whole bunch of people who did not. Until the next time………………………..