Amy Goodman arrested covering RNC protests

Amy Goodman and two Democracy Now producers were unlawfully arrested at the RNC Convention today. This is outrageous. Here is a link to the video and more information on what can be done to help Amy.Earlier in the day I had sent off a cutesy letter to the NY Times about Sarah Palin called, ” A Cinderella story”, Hillary Clinton smashed the glass ceiling for women I said, but all Sarah Palin has done is fill the glass slipper”. I had been waiting gleefully for the dirt on her to start rolling. Her young daughter is pregnant? beautiful I thought! this is great! The irony the humor the hypocrisy, We are going to have a field day with her. But now the storm in New Orleans is getting serious, People are in danger and the Republicans have arrested one of our nations finest journalists from one of our only trusted and free news sources. This is not funny any more. It never was. This election is about our freedom. Lets get Obama into office with as many votes as we can muster. A mandate for change. I have had enough.