Where to stay in Taipei. The Grand Hotel and The Forte Orange

 taiwan taipei grand hotel lobby

taiwan taipei grand hotel secret tunnel

taipei taiwan street life Taiwan. The Grand Hotel in Taipei is in fact…grand. The lobby alone is larger than many small towns. Built in 1952 by Chiang kai shek and his wife to accommodate ambassadors and foreign quests, there is even a secret tunnel for them to make their escape in case of an attack or air raid. The rooms are fantastic, adorned with  classic Chinese antiques, and the ones with a balcony offer a stunning view of Taipei. This last trip I stayed at the Forte Orange Hotel. I loved this little place. Modern and more moderately priced than the Grand, the rooms are comfortable, and best of all it is located right in the middle of a cool part of Taipei where the small streets glow at night, lined with endless little bars and restaurants , and the ever present street food stalls that are my favorite part of Taiwan.