Virgin Mary appears in Springfield in front of thousands of people.

virgen mary

Life is unsure in America these days, everything has been called into question. Our sons and daughters are dying for nothing in a war that we all know is wrong: the foundations of our finance system are crumbling,: our leaders are corrupt and Global warming threatens an angry planet: there is very little left to have faith in. It is at times like these throughout history that the Virgin Mary makes her ghostly appearance. Whether or not it is truly a miracle in response to the needs of a troubled people or born from hopeful imagination;desperation and vulnerability,;the folks on “main street ” as our politicians are fond of saying, have been gathering for the past three days under a window at the Mercy Medical Ct at 330 Stafford street in Springfield, MA. The out line on the second story window of an empty office that resembles The Virgin has drawn hundreds every day to pray and wonder. Some are there for the spectacle of the crowd, but the majority are believers who have come to be near her or are looking for a miracle to heal their wounds: Like Lucille Mirabello a frail woman just out of surgery in a wheel chair who was brought over from the nearby Weldon CT: or Michel Tourville also in a wheel chair who said that she came out of curiosity but “when I started moving closer I saw that it was her, there are so many people here of all nationalities praying together, she is so beautiful”. Elizabeth venancio stands next to her clutching another wheel chair that holds her young son Jamie who was born with a single ventricle and is awaiting his third open heart surgery. “I am here for my son,” she said, “for a piece of heaven”. I take Jamie’s hand and wish him well. I understand his struggle. I tell his mother that two months ago I had my second heart surgery. “He will be fine I say” She tells me that I am a miracle too. “I am not”, I think. I am merely one of the lucky ones who had adequate health care. I am not a believer in miracles. I only see an oil stain on the window, But I like these people and I will not deny them their faith and their hopes. Maybe the Virgin is real, and she will rise from her glass prison in the window and lead her followers to the holy voting booth and an Obama victory. Now that would be a miracle I could get behind