Victorinox Swiss Too Spirit XC Plus Ratchet

SwissTool Spirit Plus Ratchet Multi-Tool from Victorinox
SwissTool Spirit Plus Ratchet Multi-Tool from Victorinox. Photo: ©Paul Shoul

When I am on the road working as a travel photographer, every piece of equipment I bring must be balanced between weight and functionality for the different situations I will encounter.
One piece of my kit that always travels with me is the Victorinox Swiss Tool Spirit Plus Ratchet Multi-Tool.
It has earned a place not only in my camera bag, in my car and home it is often my go-to tool.
Here is what you get:
Combination tool with pliers, cable cover cutter, wire bender, hard wire cutter, and a wire cutter for thin and soft wire up to 40 HRc
2mm slotted screwdriver
6mm slotted screwdriver
Crate opener
Metal file
Combination tool with a slotted screwdriver and can opener
Combination tool with 3mm slotted screwdriver, cap lifter, and wire stripper
Wood saw
Combination tool with a reamer and multi-purpose hook
Serrated edge combi blade
Phillips screwdriver
Chisel/scraper 30Nm ratchet is also included, along with a bit holder and the following bits:
Hex #3
Hex #4
Phillips #0
Phillips #3
Torx #10
Torx #15
The finish and construction are beautiful. It is no toy. You can apply pressure and torque, and the locking system has never failed me.
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