TV Diner with Billy Costa comes to Sylvester’s in Northampton

I went out to lunch today with my old friend Nan Fleming at Sylvester’s restaurant in Northampton, MA, and by chance the NECN television show, TV diner was scheduled to shoot and we end up sitting right next to the spot where Billy Costa did an interview of Mo McGuiness. The show was in town for the day and on its way to review five other restaurants. I love the Show and the host Billy Costa is a great guy, he seems to have a blast doing his job. Before the interview he looked around the place which was packed during lunch like it always is, came over to our table and took a bite right out of Nanny’s chop chop salad! I mean how else are you going to find out what the food really taste like. Nice touch Billy!! The interview went very well. Mo was a natural on camera and the food they laid out looked fantastic. They shot it in one take. Way to go Sylvester’s!