Tunisia fights for freedom and democracy

tunisian- man -© -paul shoul

( link to my slide show from Tunisia )

Last year I traveled to Tunisia. Although a beautiful country, the presence of  Ben Ali was felt everywhere. Giant photographs of him were in every major town and in peoples homes. As the world has come to know during the past month of turmoil, his image was displayed out of fear and not respect. I congratulate the Tunisian people for their uprising. This is a  movement of all parts of Tunisian society who are demanding full democratic representation in the government and not just the change of Ben Ali  and the continuation of the old regime. During the past few days I have received emails from my friends in Tunisia Wadya and Ezzedine who work with the Tunisian Tourist office. Both were worried for their country but enthusiastic about the future. Ezzedine said “I want to assure you that my family and I are doing fine and we hope and pray that the worst is behind us. We’re moving towards the formation of a new government.” and Wadya said to me today “the situation is better, bread, water and milk are available now, these are the main needs for us, during the day life seems normal, transport starts at 6 am until 5 pm people feel safer now but they try to be careful especially at night.” They have a long way to go with many forces fighting against real change. Tunisia is the little country that could change the world. Let them be an example for all of us that when we all work together great things can happen.That maybe even in America we could have a “government of the people, by the people, for the people”