Travel tribulations

I love babies, love them. But when there are over forty of them on an eighteen hour flight to Taiwan and they all go off at once, well lets just say ones patience is drawn thin. Yesterday was one of those days in the travel industry that makes your head spin. I was waiting on conformation for a return trip to Taiwan, one of my favorite spots on the planet when out of the blue a colleague called offering me a conflicting trip to Spain. Turns out the Taiwan trip was postponed until later in the month due to the fires in California where some of the other writers were from, so I just might get to do both
Eighteen hours on a plane is a journey not to be taken lightly. Under the best of circumstances it is exhausting. This is a picture I did on my last flight to Taiwan on China Air. The attendants did a great job with a tough crowd but a possible return brought back memories of 30 seconds of hell that I experienced the last time. I had dosed off to a fitful sleep when I was suddenly awakened. There was a Chinese woman behind me who had been having a 14 hour conversation with her self that was now rocking back and forth, banging her head against the back of my chair. I turned to get up forgetting that there was a small Vietnamese man who jumped up screaming if any one touched his chair. As he tried to take a swing at me a young boy who was walking down the isle looked up with wide eyes and took a crap on the floor as the woman in the seat across from me from Alaska who had been drinking massive amounts of wine vomited. All in 30 seconds. It was like a David lynch movie, all I could do was break out laughing. Oh the joy of travel.