The Young At Heart Chorus photography

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This is the big time for the young at Heart Chorus. Northampton Mass, from which they come, was beaming with pride last Saturday for the Premier of their new film that will be opening around the world on April 9th, distributed by Fox Search light films. It was strange to watch the parts of the film that were filmed in the Academy of music…at the Academy of music. The Drunk Stuntmen that are in the film and perform with the chorus will be on the Jay Leno show with them on the April 16th and rumor has it that they will also be on the Ellen show. You have to love it. It gives us all faith that the world my just not be as crazy as it seems. Sometimes…the good guys win. Oh Yea, the joke around town, coined by none other than Michael kusek is that they are the new March of the Penguins….only slower.