The Shoul

The shoul shawl being worn by Rohna Shoul photographed by Paul Shoul

This is my fabulous Mother Rohna Shoul wearing a shawl called the Shoul, photographed by her son Paul Shoul. You gotta love it. Originally I contacted the makers of the Shoul just for the novelty of being able to write that sentence, but it turns out my mother really loves it. Here is a link to Casual Essentials to find out more about The Shoul.

Hello, My name is Paul Shoul and I have an idea you might like. I am a photographer and travel writer , please follow this link to my web site
I have always got a kick out of the fact that your wrap and my families name are the same. Send me one and I will photograph my fabulous 86 year old Mother in it and do a blog post. It will be a cute shot, and a funny story.  You get free advertising, and I will make my mother very happy. What a deal!! . I look forward to hearing from you.
Paul Shoul
Hi, Paul……got a kick out of your email……could feel you smiling the whole time you were writing it… is a funny coincidence.  Even funnier is that the Shoul has been featured as a great travel product in many travel articles in major newspapers.  So, of course I would love any additional travel promotion I could get.  Would also love to send your Mother a couple of them, so other than red….what other color would she like?  I also need your mailing address.
Thanks for the contact!
Jo Anne Patterson/owner
Casual Essentials/the Shoul