The Nanjing massacre memorial

statue at nanjing massacre memorial

making an offering of insence and flowers nanjing massacre memorialIn 1937 japan began what would be one of histories darkest events. The invasion of Nanjing China resulted in the massacre of over 300,000 People during the span of only six weeks. The official orders from the Japanese high command were simple, “Kill all captives”. Women were raped and then mutilated. Thousands of men woman and children were gathered together, shot and then thrown into the river. There were competitions among the officers of who could kill the most with a sword. Two officers held a contest that was covered in the Japanese newspapers like a sporting event called the “race to 100”. when they had killed the first 100 and could not determine who had won,  they went into extra innings and raced to 150. The memorial and museum is a somber place built on the remains of 10,000 victims. It is a grim reminder of just one event in the history of humankind were we have killed each other whole sale. It left me confused as to why and concerned for all the other atrocities that have occurred not only in the past, but during my life time that we all turn a blind eye to. Here is a link to find out more