The 12 Mile Meal Celebrity Chef Throw Down

12-mile-meal-winner Eclips restaurantThe 12 Mile Meal Celebrity Chef Throw Down at the Northampton Jazz Festival on Saturday featured three two person chef teams from local restaurants; Spoleto, Fitzwilly’s and the winner of the event Eclipse. All of the food used in the competition was from within a 12 mile radius of the event. The competing chefs brought with them tools, plates, cutlery, six spices, stocks, butter, oils, vinegars, citrus, salts and caffeine. Their task was to make a 5 course meal with all the foods from the participating farms for twelve donating diners at their table and to win the coveted crown of the best team in the event. Attendees were entertained by the emcee Rick Gifford and were able to meet with the participating farmers in the 12 Mile Meal Celebrity Chef Throw Down as well. Find out more about 12 mile meal and listen to more of guitarist Jonathan Kreisberg.