Sloss Furnace Birmingham Alabama

sloss furnace alabamaSloss furnace in Birmingham Alabama operated from 1882 until 1972. It produced pig iron from its huge blast furnaces. The  narrow cat walks tunnels and rusted metal machinery is on a scale that is intimidating when you think of the power that was unleashed when it was all running. The work conditions were dangerous, there were many injury’s. In one case a worker was dragged into one of the machines and in 1887 a worker fell into one of the furnaces, incinerating him.

Sloss is a spooky place. Many think it is haunted. Sloss has been featured on Fox TV Americas scariest places and other ghost hunting shows. It is a National historic land mark also holding Metal arts events and classes. If you are in Birmingham this is must see. Here is a link to Sloss to find out more