Saran Wrap Man restores faith in a free America

 saran wrap man, a man tied to telephone pole with saran wrap © paul shoulSaran wrap man. Walking down main street in Springfield MA, I found this man next to a bar tied up a few feet off the ground with saran wrap to a telephone pole. On him were written the words “worlds gayest man”  The two of his friends who had strung him up were breaking down with laughter, people passing by were doing the same causing near collisions. I asked them “why did you do this?”  they said simply, “It was a moment of inspiration”. His last name was weed, it was perfect. Thank you saran wrap man. Although I was disturbed by the  worlds gayest man reference and confused by the crude dual drawings of a vagina and a penis, you wore them both with pride! You and your friends have restored my faith in America. Even if our government can not inspire us to greatness, my fellow citizens, the every day people of America can. Finlay a man who said “Yes we can”… and meant it.