Rive Knives Rogue Mini Review

Rive-knives Rogue-Mini-the perfect fith pocket EDC
Rive Knives Rogue Mini
The perfect fith pocket EDC

The Rive Rogue Mini hits all the sweet spots I have been looking for in an everyday carry small knife that fits neatly in my fifth pocket.

Plenty of knives claim to be fifth pocket knives; I own many of them, But most miss the mark on the size and functionality that Rive has accomplished.

Let me tell you why.

The handle length is 3 inches long.
Just a millimeter or three longer will stick out of your pocket.
I don’t want anyone to know I am carrying a blade, especially in foreign countries with strict carry laws. And, any longer, it will bulge when you are sitting or driving.

The Rouge Mini sports a flat grind 2-inch Japanese Aus 8 A hardened steel modified sheep’s foot blade.
Aus 8-A is a well-tested steel many manufacturers use for some of their knives, like SOG, Kabar, Cold Steel, Ontario, and CRKT. It is supremely rust-resistant and sharpens to a razor edge, all at an affordable price point.

The knife world is obsessed with the new super steels on the market. I own a knife with CPM 20 CV steel that I love, but all blades will dull if you actually use them, and can be a major pain to sharpen. Especially if you are on the road like I am.

Will it dull faster than high-carbon steel? Yes. But just turn over a ceramic coffee cup; make a few strokes on the bottom, and it is sharp enough again to perform minor surgery.

The wedged-shaped blade slices effortlessly through cardboard, rope, Duct tape, cloth, 9-foot photography backdrop paper, etc., let alone that piece of lime you need with a shot of tequila after a long day.

The Hunter version of the Mini is pictured above, constructed from Aero-grade aluminum. ( also available in G10 composite in a variety of colors )

The pivot is double-caged steel ball bearings for smooth, one-handed action from the rear flipper tab. The balance is perfect, and the detent is terrific.
The liner lock is centered securely under the blade.
The lanyard hole extending from the tang is made from the same steel, making it tough enough for scraping.

Rive has nailed it with the Rouge mini. I look forward to seeing new products from this California-based company.

My only suggestion for this otherwise perfect knife is that the Aluminum handle on the Hunter is a little slippery. I now carry the G10 version that offers much better traction. And a little jimping on the top of the blade would go a long way for more secure cutting.


All in all, I love this little knife. Although I own far too many knives, this is the one I carry.

Way to go, RIVE!

For more info on Rive Knives  and to  buy the Rouge Mini, go to: RIVE