Restaurante El PORTALÓN Vitoria-Gasteiz, Spain

At the restaurant El Portalon, founded in the 15th century as a staging post in the historic district of Vitoria-Gasteiz, I experienced the beauty of sharing food at a Basque table. They were simple presentations, sometimes of only one ingredient adorned with olive oil and salt. Each was at the epitome of freshness and flavor, and supremely delicious.
Croquetas of squid, mushrooms, and Jamon. Pimientos-de-Gernika. Pan-de-cristal with tomato. Roasted-red-pepper. Jamon Iberico. Morcilla with rice and alegria pepper. Seared tuna with vegetables. Pulpo ala portatiles with paprika.
For desert: -Biscuit de hazelnut with chocolate. Ramonisimo. Pantxineta and the hypnotic mind-blowingly good, Goxua. Portalon is an excellent restaurant and a must-eat if you are in the Basque country.
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