Mel Gibson racist violent sexist crazy rant caught on tape

Mel Gibson-©-shoulHere it is folks. Mel Gibson’s racist violent sexist crazy tape is on You Tube for all to hear. Just like the last time Gibson got busted for his drunken anti Semitic  ramblings, his Hollywood machine will unleash a public relations campaign to try save him from himself. Mel will apologize, admit his guilt go into therapy donate to a battered woman’s center, and then come out with a new movie. Screw that. I shot this picture on the set of “The Edge of Darkness” in Northampton MA. and then sold it to  the Daily Express in London for a nice sum of money. I remember when he looked at me, I wondered if he was thinking “are you a “Jew?” well, yes I am Mel, and I hope that this time they crucify you, drag you though the streets and kick your ass.