Global warming is freezing

This goes out to all my fellow Gonomad travelers out there on the roads of the world. I hope you are all reporting from a beach somewhere drinking a giant tropical rum punch. We are getting slammed in Massachusetts with three days of Ice sleet and snow. It is weird weather. The snow is piling up here and it is almost 50 degrees just three hours away on the Martha’s Vineyard. What a mess. Some say that this is what we can expect in the future as the world heats up. According to the New England Climate Coalition “By 2100 temperatures could increase by about 4°F (with a range of 1-8°F) in winter and spring and about 5°F (with a range of 2-10°F) in summer and fall. Precipitation is estimated to increase by about 10% in spring and summer, 15% in fall, and 20-60% in winter. The amount of precipitation on extreme wet or snowy days in winter is likely to increase, while the frequency of extreme hot days in summer would also increase.” Here is a link to their web site. Travel safe and think of me if you find your self dipping your toes into a warm ocean.