Elvis the Transvestite, Lord Russ as the Queen

Lord Russ, another local hero from Northampton Mass and future member of the Young at Heart Chorus, put on an amazing one man (woman) show this weekend .”For his upcoming role, Russ (aka Russell Brooks) has to shave his entire body. Although he’s not baring the full Monty, Valley musician Brooks will be more scantily clad than normal in his upcoming one-man show Queen Elvis—The Musical. Set in 1973, the Rocky Horror Picture Show-style musical offers an alternative version of the life of Elvis Presley. Instead of following the path of self-destruction that ultimately ended his life, the show asks what might have happened if the drug-addled rock star had, after much soul-searching, discovered that he had a penchant for cross-dressing.” Here is a link to the rest of Kendra Thurlow’s interview with Russ in The Valley Advocate.