Elephant Painting in Thailand

Elephant painting in Thailand

Elepant handler Singh in ThailandElephants can paint. Whether it is from their own own artistic expression or the training and rewards they get I am still not sure, but I am sure that a few days ago, I watched one paint a water color. This is Wanpen a 19 year old dwarf elephant at the Samprin Riverside Resort in the province  Nakhon Pathom , a few hours drive out side of Bangkok Thailand. Wanpen was in bad shape when she came to Samprin, malnourished after years of abuse, she is lovingly cared for by Singh, a Khmer from Cambodia. Their relation ship was loving. He washes her every day, spoke to her softly and the friendship between them was obvious. When you look into an elephants eye, they look back. This girl was happy, and a far better painter than I will ever be, even if you gave me a bag of bananas. For more info on travel to Thailand got to TourisimThailand.org