Drunk Stuntmen, drunk again

Last night I was over at the backwoods studio of the Drunk stuntmen to shoot their new publicity photo. These guys are everything a rock band ought to be; Well-crafted songs, inspired lyrics, kick ass guitar and piano. They laugh too loud, drink to much, play hard, party hard champions of the working class that give you their souls at every live performance. As I expected I was going to have a great time, work my ass off and probably hurt in the morning. My camera hit the floor for the first time in two years; one of my lights fell off the organ and blew a 100-dollar flash tube. One of the stuntmen in a musical trance tripped over a camera case almost taking out the drummer and I woke up late with an impressive hangover. It was a blast. Here is a link to their website and a you tube video of a performance with the country’s newest (oldest) movie stars , The Young at Heart Chorus