Dar Williams and the amazing Johnny Memphis

Last night I was watching Amy Goodman on Democracy Now, my favorite news show, when during the musical break they had a clip of Dar Williams singing her song “Are You Out There” which mentions my good friend John Riley, Aka Johnny Memphis. Dar used to live in our little town of Northampton, MA and like all of us we came to depend on John to get us through the night. ” Thanks to both of you.

Perhaps I am a miscreation
No one knows the truth there is no future here
And you’re the DJ speaks to my insomnia
And laughs at all I have to fear
Laughs at all I have to fear
You always play the madmen poets
Vinyl vision grungy bands
You never know who’s still awake
You never know who understands and

Are you out there, can you hear this?
Jimmy Olson, Johnny Memphis
I was out here listening all the time
And though the static walls surround me
You were out there and you found me
I was out here listening all the time”