Community Meeting on Northampton Arson.

Yesterdays meeting about the arson fires was packed with over 500 residents from all over Northampton. People are scared, looking for answers and someway to protect themselves. As the mayor said this was not a meeting to solve this crime. They could not reveal information that might compromise the investigation and for all we knew, the person might be there in audience. This meeting had to happen and did give the community a sense of togetherness but the real nuts and bolts work of setting up phone trees a neighbor hood watch etc will have to be done ward by ward. DeloresMishon, who lost her uncle, Paul Yeskie, and her cousin, Paul Yeskie Jr, at the 17 Fair Street fire was one of the residents who spoke last night as did Naomi Cairns,10 Highland Avenue, who’s Hawley Street home was burned in 2007, only to become a victim again in this recent rash of arson. For the full story on last nights meeting and more photos go to Northampton